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    • Marine Gearbox 135
Product Description
Product Features
Marine Gearbox 135 possesses functions of speed reduction, ahead and astern clutching and bearing propeller thrust. It is designed of vertically offset and one-stage transmission, featuring in small in volume, light in weight and easy in dismantle & reassemble and maintain.
Rated output power / Speed input range :(kw/rpm)100/1000~200/2000
Speed reducing ratio(i) 2.03 2.59 3.04 3.62 4.11 4.65 5.06 5.47 5.81
Transmission capacity(kw/rpm) 0.1 0.093 0.088 0.077 0.07
Rated propeller thrust: 29.4KN Center wheel base:225mm
Ahead running when input shaft and output shaft steering:Opposite direction  Case cover :6135Ca SAE 1
     Flywheel:6135Ca SAE14
Control forms: Push-pull soft shaft
L*W*H   578*744*830mm
Partial main Engine :6135Ca  H615  NT-855-M240…
Marine Gearbox 135 is suitable for small fishing, transport, tug, traffic and passenger boats.
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